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3 Recipe Rescue Tips for Too Sweet, Too Salty, and Too Spicy Food

Recipe Tips
What to Do with a Recipe Gone Wrong

Sometimes a taste test can leave you panicked. The recipe has gone dreadfully wrong and you don’t know what to do to save your dish. What happened? Was the saltshaker unscrewed? Or the chili pepper hotter than you thought?

Before you scrap the meal and start over, try these tips for recipe rehabilitation:

Food Too Sweet?
Add a little lemon juice or vinegar. The acid will balance out the saccharine flavor. Another recipe tip is to add a dash of cayenne. The heat will cover the sweet.

Too Salty?
Use a small spoonful of sugar or maple syrup to counter the salt.

Too Spicy?
To fight too much heat, add something fatty, such as butter. This works well in savory dishes. For desserts or other sweet dishes, adding more sweet flavor, like honey, can help. In some cases, you can add an ingredient that’s both fatty and sweet, like peanut butter.

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