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Cascade Complete Commercial – Half

Cascade Complete Commercial – Half

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HUSBAND: That detergent was like half the price!

WIFE: And we’ll have to use like double! Maybe more!

HUSBAND: I’m going back to the store?

WIFE: Yes you are.

VO: Dish issues? Get Cascade Complete.

VO: One pac cleans tough food better than 6 pacs of the bargain brand combined.

VO: Cascade. Now that’s clean.

Cascade Platinum Commercial – Non-stick

Cascade Platinum Commercial – Non-stick

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SFX: (spraying)

Dad: That’s it. Good job. Nice coating. And get this one next.

Mom: Whoa! What are you guys doing?

Dad: Making sure nothing sticks.

Son: Otherwise, we gotta scrub all this stuff off.

Dad: Huh, what? Nobody thought of this before? What’s wrong with people?

VO: Dish issues?

VO: Not with improved Cascade Platinum.

VO: It powers through…

VO: your toughest, starchy messes…

VO: better than Finish’s best...

VO: the first time.

VO: As if your dishes were non-stick.

VO: Cascade.

AVO: Now that’s clean.

Cascade Complete Commercial – Half

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Cascade Platinum Commercial – Non-stick

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